A quick round-up of fun and quirky places to eat in the French capital (Vive le fromage!)

Le Soufflé – 36 Rue du Mont Thabor, near the Louvre, 1st Arrondissement

Paris - Le SouffleLook no further than this small French restaurant for the perfect soufflé. The menu features around twelve stand-alone savoury soufflés as main meals in their own right, a range of meat and fish dishes accompanied by mini-soufflés, and a mouth-watering selection of sweet soufflés for dessert. From the sublime (crème brûlée with white chocolate heart) to the near-ridiculous (beef bourguignon in soufflé form?!) I really can’t fault this place for variety, ambition or execution. I ate the goat’s cheese soufflé with black olive tapenade and it was every bit as fluffy, cheesy and garlicky as I’d hoped. The great taste of France.

Café des Deux Moulins – 15 Rue Lepic, Montmartre, 18th Arrondissement

Perfect for a pitstop after visiting La Sacré-Couer, Café des Deux Moulins is the café featured in Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain and it doesn’t seem to have changed one bit since the film was made thirteen years ago. Part French bistrot, part American diner and part traditional European café, it serves breakfasts, lunches, sweet treats and both hot and cold drinks. From the extensive coffee list I chose a Mocha Cherry – a mocha with added cherry liquor and a chantilly cream topping. The service here is great and it’s filled with Amélie memorabilia yet manages not to be too touristy, possibly because of the unremarkable café front.

Pink Flamingo – four locations in Paris (plus branches in Valencia and Amsterdam) including 105 Rue Vielle du Temple, Le Marais, 3rd Arrondissement

Paris - Pink FlamingoParis’ answer to Brooklyn’s fabulous Roberta’s Pizza (more on Roberta’s later this Summer), Pink Flamingo is a hip restaurant and take-away joint serving up a range of pizzas named for famous musicians, historical figures, etc, based on the toppings; for example, ‘La Bjork’ is a seafood pizza, ‘L’Almodovar’ features a range of Spanish ingredients and flavours and ‘La Cantona’ offers up a feast of 8 different cheeses. We shared two pizzas – Le Ché and La Basquiat. Le Ché was topped with pork marinated in a heavenly mixture of chilli, garlic, lime and coriander, plantains and a not-so-healthy dowsing of cheese. I’m not convinced the plantains added much but, oh boy, was the pork good. La Basquiat was topped with gorgonzola, fig and ham and was just as delicious.


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