Patty & Bun

54 James Street, London (second branch at 22-23 Liverpool Street)

I visited Patty & Bun a couple of weeks ago with friends, one of whom was desperate to try the burgers a colleague had hailed as the best he’d had in London. I became an instant fan of the food here and quickly returned with my boyfriend after we’d visited the nearby Wallace Collection the following weekend.

Patty & Bun wrapperThese are burgers and sides served just as they should be – fast, tasty, messy and no fuss. I’ve now tried the ‘Jose Jose’ Chilli burger and the ‘Smokey Robinson’ burger. Both are served as regular cheese burgers in a brioche bun with trimmings and an amazing special mayo; the Jose Jose comes with chilli chorizo relish and pickled onions and the Smokey Robinson with bacon. They’re both divine in their own particular way but, controversially, I prefer my burgers without bacon and so would opt for the Jose Jose in future (I tried the Smokey Robinson first, having heard that it’s the best burger they do). Let’s be honest, fries are fries, and tend to be either good or ‘meh’; the fries served here are absolutely good.

For me, the star of the show is the side dish ‘Thunder Thighs’. Fried chicken thighs smothered in a spicy, southern-style butter sauce, these alone are worth a visit.

You’ll have to queue for a seat in the tiny restaurant, but the turnover is quick, food speedily served, and I guarantee that you’ll devour your meal in minutes. I hear that the Liverpool Street branch isn’t a match for the James Street branch, either for taste or atmosphere, so come to the West End for your Patty & Bun experience.


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